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Wool Blend 2-Button Suit Coats - Short/Small Portly Sizes

Wool Blend 2-Button Suit Coats - Short/Small Portly Sizes

This product is not available.

Hardwick wool blend suit jacket.  The Spencer model (designed for portly men) features a two button front and a back center vent.  The jacket's collar shape is sewn in, not pressed in, under collar and top collar die cut is used to ensure a smooth fit, it has an updated traditional should treatment with Indian cotton shoulder pads secured for shape retention and a fully taper armhole for consistent size and comfort.

Other features include a soft floating chest piece carefully positioned for proper drape, a cuff wigan for reinforced sleeves, mitered sleeve corners for a clean appearance and a 3'' sleeve allowance for easy alterations.  The neckline is taped for consistent shape, top collar fused for stability, has Indian cotton sleeve head for proper model expressions and bridle tape drawn for smooth fitting lapel and chest.

Top quality cotton Silesia used for pocketing and quality front kifner fusible for extra stability which preserves the life of the garment.  Matching pants also available but sold separately.
Dry Clean Only.  Made in the USA

Style #9500 - Spencer
Content: 55% Dacron Polyester / 45% Worsted Wool