Alterations | Information & Return Policy

Important:  Please read the following information below regarding having clothing altered and how it will affect your ability to return or exchange items that do not fit.


 Return / Exchange Information


We will NOT accept items back (regardless of reasons other than product defect) if the product has been altered by us or anyone else.  Any items we do receive that have been altered will be shipped backed to you at your cost, no exceptions.


Items that have been altered can no longer be sold as a NEW item, therefore we can not accept returns or exchanges for these products.  If we sent you a previously altered item, we imagine that you would not be pleased to know your ordered id not include brand new products.


 What we charge for alterations


$0, for most.  Normally, we will only alter the bottoms of pants or add belt loops to pants that are made without them already.  All other alterations are best done at your local tailor where they can be tried on and measured correctly in person.  Without you physically in our store, it is too hard to determine the best route for altering an item without seeing you.  So, if you do want to have alterations done, please remember that we will only do pant bottoms or belt loops, but we will gladly do them free of charge.


 Where to add alteration information for your order


This information is added on the very last page of our checkout, where you add your credit card information.  It will be labeled as "Comments".


 How soon do altered items ship?


Most of the time altered items will ship same day.  If it is just a bottom that you need done, we can usually alter those fairly quickly and ship them out with all the other orders in the afternoon.  If you need any other alterations (including belt loops) please allow at least 2 days before your order will be shipped.  Below are reasons why your item or order also will not ship same day:


a. we do not have the item in stock and have to order it (if you ordered other items also, we may ship those separately to expedite your order).

b. we are running a sale and can not keep up with the demand for alterations.  During sales, orders can take up to 1 week to ship.
c. orders placed over the weekend, as we only ship out Monday through Friday.
d. more information is needed from you regarding what you want.  We will normally attempt to contact you by email.
If you are unsure of how the product might fit, or you are not positive on your measurements, PLEASE do not request any alterations be done on your order.  Remember, once we alter an item, it is yours for good.  Questions regarding alterations, call us at 1-800-942-0783 during normal business hours.