Frequently Asked Questions | FAQ

Need help?  Have a questions regarding our products or service?  We can help!  Below you will find some questions that you may have while shipping our site.  If you are unable to find the answer you are looking for, please feel free to call 1-800-942-0783 or email us at for more information.  We will be more than happy to help you in any way we can to make your shopping experience with us as easy as possible.

 General Questions
If I order over the phone, do I have an online account also?
That depends.  If you order over the phone and give us your email address for tracking purposes, you are automatically added to our online database.  That being said, any order you place over the phone will not show up online in your order history, only orders made online will show up there.  If no email address was given during your phone order, then you will not be in our online database.  If you would like to order online in the future, your login is will be your email address and the password will defaulted to: password.  Please change your password once logged in for your own security and piece of mind.
I have an online account but can not remember my password, what should I do?
At any login screen, you will be given an option to have your password emailed to you.  Simply click on "email my password to me", enter your email address and click on Email Password.  You will receive an email shortly with the correct password.  You may also call us during normal business hours for assistance, as we can log into your account and assign you a temporary password.  We do not keep your password on file, so we will not be able to supply you with your existing password, unless you use our automated email recovery as explained above.
Do you offer online specials and promotions?
You bet we do!  From time to time, we will send emails our regarding extra savings currently available, whether it be shipping discounts or merchandise discounts.  Plus, by signing up on any of our Mailing Lists (find these options on your Account page), you are notified before other shoppers and/or are given discounts not available to all shoppers.  If we send you a promotional code to be entered, you will need to add this code on either the Shopping Basket page or Checkout page.
My address has changed, how do I update my account with you?
The easiest option is to log into your online account with us and choose My Account at the top of any page.  You can now change your address for all future orders with us.  If you find that you need more help, you may also call us at 1-800-942-0783 and we can update your account for you.
Is the inventory correct on your site?
Yes, the majority of the time.  We attempt to keep our inventory as correct as possible, and update it at least once per day Monday through Friday.  However, at times our overall inventory might vary, at which point we will contact you after your order has been placed with any issues that may arrive.  Please realize, the products you see online are the exact same we offer to our in-store customers, so items can vary extremely quickly.
Are there benefits to ordering online vs. phone, or vise versa?
That all depends on you.  If you prefer to have one-on-one contact with our professional salesmen, don't feel safe ordering online, or just have extra questions, then calling us to order might be best suited for you.  However, if you know exactly what you want, like the quickness of online ordering, or prefer to have your order history easily attainable, then you would most likely be better off ordering online.  We have customers that also do both, just depending on what they need or may want at that particular time.
How do I contact Muldoon's
There are two ways you can contact us.  You can call us at 1-800-942-0783 (or 1-715-832-3502) during regular business hours, or you can email us at  If you get an answering machine during business hours, please know that we are currently helping other customers, but if you leave a message we will have someone get back to you shortly.  All emails are answered in a timely manner, but for quickest service during business hours we suggest trying to call us.


 Product Questions

Are all items always in stock?

Unfortunately not.  We carry many items that are either seasonal or special orders that have a limited availability and can not be re-ordered.  However, if it is something that we can normally re-order without a problem, you can order as many as you want, even if our stock shows 0 available.  The easiest way to tell is try to add the item to your shopping basket, if it allows you to do so, we either have it in stock or is available to us.


I want 'x' amount of the same item, but it changes it to 'y' amount, why?

In the case of items that are either special buys or are not easily re-orderable for us, we will limit what you can buy based on our inventory on-hand.  So say you are trying to add 4 of the same shirt to your shopping cart, but after hitting add to basket it changes the number to 2, that means we only have 2 shirts currently available for at once purchase.


I know what product I want, what is the easiest way to find it?

Depends.  If you know a specific brand, you can use our Shop By Brand menu found at the top of any page to see items only by that brand.  If you are looking for something more specific, such as 'full elastic jeans', using our search feature will give you just results for that specific item.


I ordered a certain product in the past but can no longer find it, why?

We carry many products that are seasonal or special orders from certain brands.  These items are made for one season only, so once they are gone we no longer have the ability to purchase them again.  If it was not a seasonal or special order, then the other cause may be that the manufacturer has stopped making the item all together, or has gone out of business.


I am looking for a product not listed online, can you order it for me?

Sometimes.  If the product is from a brand we carry currently, we most likely can order it.  If the product is not from a brand we carry, please let us know and we can look into the possibility of adding that product.  Many of our products online today are from suggestions we receive from our customers looking for more options, so it never hurts to call us, as we may just start carrying the item you are looking for.


Are there discounts for ordering large quantities of items?

Sorry, we do not add discounts for ordering large quantities of items.


I'm not sure what size I need, how can I decide which size to order?

If you know your measurements (chest, neck, waist, etc...), please visit our Sizing Charts to see what size would correlate with your measurements.  If you do not know your measurements, please either go to any store that can take your measurements, or contact us for help.  We can usually guide you to your size with a few quick questions.


Can I order items that are not in-stock?

This option is not available online.  However, if you contact us by phone we can check exact availability or current backorder status.  If the items are orderable and will ship in the near future, we can take your order over the phone for those items.


 Ordering Questions


How do I use a promotional code?

If you have a promotional code specifically for our site, you will need to add it in the promotion box located on the shopping basket page or checkout page, and then hit submit.  After submitting the promotional code, our site will update to show that the promotion was added.  If you have issues receiving the discount you were expecting, please call us toll free at 1-800-942-0783 for assistance.  Please note, manufacturer discounts do not work on our site, only discounts that we have issued are available for use.  Most discounts codes can not be used with other promotional codes or when we are running a sale that affects all online prices.


What forms of payment do you accepts?

Online we accepts Visa, Mastercard, American Express, Discover, PayPal & Google for purchases made in the United States.  For international orders, you will need to check out using our International Checkout option.  If you place your order over the phone, we can accept credit cards or PayPal.


What are your shipping costs and options?

The cost of shipping varies based on the overall purchase amount of the order.  Orders over $100 are eligible for free shipping year round, while orders under $100 generally cost $8.50 to $9.50 for ground shipping.  These prices are usually 10-20% lower than our actual cost of what UPS charges us.  For expedited orders, we offer overnight delivery, 2 day delivery or 3 day delivery (transit days are based on Monday through Friday and non-holidays).


Is ordering online safe at

Order online with Muldoon's is very safe.  We use encrypted pages whenever taking personal information from you.  If you prefer not to use our checkout, you have the options of PayPal or Google checkouts.  Any information you give us is used solely for the purpose of processing and shipping your order, no information is every given or sold to any 3rd party, ever!


What is the return / exchange policy on order?

The Return / Exchange policy can be found here.  The quick version is all items can be returned for full refund (minus shipping) with 30 days of receipt of the order.  Altered items are NOT returnable as we can no longer sell these pieces.  See the full policy by clicking on the link above, or contact us via phone or email for additional help.


I need an item altered, where do I put this information?

If you need any item(s) altered, please add this information on either the shopping cart page or checkout page.  Please be specific as to what you would like, such as '30 inch inseam with cuff'.  The more specific you are, the quicker your order is processed as we will not need to contact you for additional information.  Please note, if we alter anything for you, those items are yours to keep.  We can NOT take back any altered item since we can not sell it as new any longer.  Please make sure that you are positive on the fit and color you choose to have altered.  If the item is defective, we will work with you to resolve the issue.


I have ordered in the past, but can't remember the size or color I ordered, now what?

You have two options.  You can log into your account online with us and view your order history for products you purchased within the last 2 years.  If your last order you placed online isn't showing up, please contact us and we can look in our system for your previous purchase history.


Will you substitute items in my order without notifying me?

No.  We will never substitute items on orders without first contacting you for approval.  Our normal form of contact for online orders will be email, so please make sure to check your email for any notifications from us.  If your order is being shipped out via an expedited service, we will usually try to contact you be phone to speed up the process.  We will only need to substitute items if we are unable to locate the items you ordered from us, or if our site hadn't been updated since the product was purchased last (usually only happens when items are purchased in our store earlier in the day before we are able to update our online inventory).


What if I live outside the United States, how do I order?

If you live in Canada, then proceed through our normal checkout just as if you were in the United States.  All other countries will need to use our International Checkout option, whether you are shipping to you or any United States address.

 Post Order Questions

Will I receive notifications when my order is placed and/or shipped?

Yes, you will receive automated emails from us when your order is placed and when it is shipped.  If you do not receive an email, please check to make sure that your email address you gave us was correct.  If it is correct, please make sure our emails are not being sent to your spam folder.  If you use a mail service that needs verification first, please add our email address to your list of approved emails (  The shipping email will contain a tracking number for your shipment(s) if we have one.  Items that are shipped from the manufacturer may say 'Drop Shipped' for a tracking number, which means we did not have a tracking number at the time of completing your order.  Please call us if you would like tracking information.


My online confirmation say my order was processed offline, what does that mean?

If you attempted to placed your order with us and received this as your confirmation, that means that there is an issue with the credit card and/or address that you gave us.  Our system will check to make sure that the billing address of the credit card is exactly what you gave us.  Many times, the issue arises because customers mistype their credit card number.  Offline orders can not be processed until we have the correct information.  If you receive this notice, please contact us right away to have this issue resolved.


If there is an issue with my order, will you contact me?

Yes.  It is very important that you give us the correct email address and phone number to contact you if issues arise.  We normally will attempt to contact you via email, but if there is an urgency to the order (overnight shipping), we will attempt to contact you by phone first.  Please note, once we have attempted to contact you, we will only hold your order for 1 week, after which time your order will be cancelled if we receive no response.  We may also just ship the available item we have if your order contains multiple pieces.


If an item I order isn't available for immediate shipping, am I charged right away?

No.  We only charge you for items once we have shipped them personally or have good faith that the manufacturer is sending them within a timely manner.  If we ship out a partial order, we only charge you for the items that we are currently shipping.


What happens if I see a mistake on my order after I have placed it?

Please contact us as quickly as possible by calling 1-800-942-0783 to let us know.  We make every attempt to ship orders out as quickly as possible, normally the same day (Monday through Friday).  I we suspect there might be an issue, we will attempt to contact you.  If you notice the issue after the item has shipped, you will be responsible for shipping costs on all returned items.


How long will it take to receive my order?

Most items ordered prior to 2:00pm CST will ship the same day.  Exact arrival of your order depends on where you live and what shipping option you have selected.  For regular ground shipping, it should take no more than 5 days, but most arrive within 2-3 days.  See our shipping page for a map of normal delivery times.  Also, if your order is in transit that overlaps any US holiday in which UPS or USPS is not operating, please allow 1 extra business day for delivery.


Who do I contact to find out the status of my order or tracking information?

If you need information regarding your order after you have placed it, please email and include your order number to make it easier to locate you.  We will try to respond in a timely manner (during normal business hours).  You may also contact us at 1-800-942-0783 during our normal business hours.


I need to return or exchange items on my order, what do I do?

Your order should contain a Return / Exchange Form with it.  Please fill out this form and include it with your return or exchange.  Doing so expedites the process as we do not need to contact you for information on what you want to do.  We asked that you ship your items back to us via a trackable service and insurance.  If your package is lost in transit or damaged, we will not reimburse you for the products.  Just like we are responsible for any items until they are in your hand, the same applies when you ship them back to us for your responsibilities.


I received the wrong merchandise, what should I do?

If we sent you the wrong merchandise, please contact us right away.  We will verify that we indeed made a mistake, and if so, we will ship out the correct item(s) with a return label to ship the items back to us that were sent by mistake.  We prefer this method as it doesn't involve any money changing hands between us and the customer.


My merchandise has a defect or flaw, what now?

We ask that every customer inspects the products as soon as they arrive.  If you notice a defect or a flaw, please contact us right away and we will try to rectify the issue.  If the defect or flaw appears to have been caused during shipping, we have a very limited time to submit a claim, so to be covered by our warranty, you must contact us right away with issues.  If the defect or flaw is noticed or caused after wearing the item for an extended period of time, we will work with you to verify that it isn't normal wear and tear.


I did not receive all the items I order, am I going to receive the rest?

We usually try to send all items together in an order.  However, if it becomes more feasible for us to ship certain items and have the manufacturer ship ship the rest, we will do that.  Normally we will make note of that on the slip included in your shipment.


The order I recently placed shows that it was cancelled or rejected, why?

There are a few different reasons that may happen. It may be caused because an order was changed, in which case the original order is cancelled in favor of the new order.  Please check your order history to see if any other orders have appeared.  In a case where we had questions regarding either the items you ordered or the validity of your information given (credit card, address), we will cancel or reject those orders if we feel that the order was not legitimate.  If the issue was more regarding the items you ordered, we will attempt to email you.  After one week, if we have not received a response, that will trigger a cancellation of your order.


I placed an order recently, but now have a promotion code, can I still use it?

We will honor new promotions for orders placed within the last few days.  Obviously, if you ordered two weeks ago, then unfortunately we can not offer you the latest promotion.  We attempt to send out promotions during late hours to avoid issues.  If you have questions regarding whether a promotion can be applied, please contact us.


I see two charges on my credit card statement, why did you charge me twice?

Easy answer is, we didn't.  Many customers who view there statements will see what they believe to be multiple charges, but what they are really seeing is the original authorization and the actual charge of the credit card.  Say your order total is $40.00, you may see an item on your statement that shows $41.60 and one that shows $40.00.  The $41.60 would be an authorization for $40.00 plus 4%, which our system does to verify that you have enough funds to pay for your order.  Authorizations usually can be valid for 3-14 days, which means for some customers they will see what they believe is two charges.  Trust us, we have never, ever, billed an online customer twice for the same order.  You can contact your bank to have authorizations removed from your online statement if it bothers you to see it there.

 Miscellaneous Questions

Where is Muldoon's located?

We are located in Eau Claire, Wisconsin, which is in North Central Wisconsin and about an hour and a half east of the Twin Cities (MN).  We have only our one store, and have been in business since 1950.  Our mailing address is:

Muldoon's Men's Wear
1506 South Hastings Way
Eau Claire, WI  54701-4463
For more information, please see our contact page.
I would like to shop at the store or contact Muldoon's, what are your store hours?
Monday through Friday - 8:30am to 6:00pm CST
Saturday - 8:30am to 5:00pm CST
Closed Sundays (except between Thanksgiving & Christmas)
We are closed on all major US holidays
I need more help, now what?
Please contact us at 1-800-942-0783 or email us at for additional help.