Tuxedo Rental Options For Local Customers

Muldoon's is proud to offer our local customers numerous choices for their tuxedo rental options.  Below you will find our most popular tuxedo and formal wear companies that will provide you with the perfect look and fit for your wedding, prom, cruise or any other special occasion.  You will also find a general list of prices for each company, along with a list of what is included in each rental.  You can also view each companies websites to get a general idea on what your options will be in terms of colors and styles.  Once you are ready to go, come in to our store and we can make sure you a prepared and looking great for your big day!  Please scroll to the bottom of the page for some general answers to some of the questions you may have.
Nedrebos Formal Wear

Nedrebo's has been in business for 60 years. We know formalwear and are committed to the high level of service our customers have come to expect. Nedrebo's offers a complete line of formalwear products. We stock all major manufacturers of tuxedos, with the latest from designers like Calvin Klein, Claiborne, Ralph Lauren, Perry Ellis, FUBU, and Ecko.

 Wedding Notes
 1 free tuxedo for every 6 rentals per party.  Can be groom or any other attendant.
 Ring bearer tuxedos start at size 3.  Prices and options are exactly the same as all other tuxedos.
Tuxeods by Savvi

Savvi Formal Wear is more than a wedding tuxedo rental shop. Savvi promises you'll look your best for any formal occasion. Whether ordering your Prom tux, cruise attire, a tuxedo for a dinner dance, prom, awards ceremony, or quinceanera, Savvi offers you hundreds of the latest designer styles, including Calvin Klein, Ralph Lauren, Joseph Abboud, Perry Ellis, Ecko and Claiborne. Coupled with our commitment to service, we will insure perfection for your special event. Savvi Formalwear, Comfortable, Elegant, Hip.

 Wedding Notes
 1 free tuxedo for every 6 rentals per party.  Can be groom or any other attendant.
 Ring bearer tuxedos start at size 3.  Prices and options are exactly the same as all other tuxedos.

 Frequently Asked Questions


Do I need to schedule an appointment to be measured for my tuxedo?

You do not need to schedule an appointment with us, please just come in at your earliest convenience.


How soon prior to my event do I need to pick out my tuxedo?

We generally would prefer at least 1 month in advance (especially for wedding parties).  During prom season, many companies run out of certain tuxedos, so the sooner you come in the better the chance that you will be able to rent your preferred style.


When will my tuxedo be available for pick-up?

We generally have tuxedos no later that the Thursday prior to your wear date, but may receive them earlier.  We will contact you (prom) or the groom (wedding party) when we have received tuxedos in.


I need to be measured for a tuxedo, but am not renting from Muldoon's, what is the fee?

$0.  We will gladly measure anyone who needs to be fitted for a tuxedo whether you are renting from us or not.  We find it is more important that you look good and your tuxedo fits, then worrying about who takes your money for the tuxedo.


When is my tuxedo due back after my special occasion?

Monday morning.  Please be very prompt in returning your tuxedo to us as we are not given any leeway from the tuxedo companies as to when we get to return them.  If we are late returning a tuxedo, we are charged a fee for every day that it isn't returned.  This fee will be imposed on you.


Do I need to pay a down payment to rent a tuxedo?

We ask that you pay at least $30.00 (per tuxedo) as a down payment.  This is a non-refundable fee that goes toward the final rental price of your tuxedo.


If I need to cancel my rental, is there any fee for doing so?

If you must cancel your rental, 1 week prior to the date you are to wear it is the latest you can do so.  After that date, you are required to pay full price whether you need it or not.  If you cancel prior to the 1 week date, we will refund you any down payment that you were charged.


I live out of town but am renting a tuxedo for a wedding I am in, do I need to be measure by Muldoon's?

If you live in the general area of Eau Claire, yes.  If you live out of state or a distance that makes coming to Eau Claire a hardship on you, then you may be fitted from any reputable tuxedo shop or fine men's shop in your area.  We may call you to inquire about certain measurements if they are not what we would expect to see.


If you have any other questions, please call us at 1-800-942-0783 or 1-715-832-3502 (local number).