Origional Stormy Kromer Caps With Ear Band in Hunt

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Stormy Kromer

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Stormy Kromer wool blend 'Original' caps for men in Hunter. This hat features an ear band to protect against harsh weather, six panels of fine preshrunk wool, dashing tie-down earflaps, and a soft brim. See additional care tips below.
Dry Clean Only. Made in the USA

Care Tips:
Stormy Kromer caps are crafted from the highest quality wool, so dry clean only. When it becomes soggy, give it plenty of time to dry out and store it in a dry, clean place. Use moth balls, a mothproof spray or cedar products to further protect the cap while in storage during warmer months.

Style #50010-HTR
Content: 80% Recycled Wool / 15% Recycled Fibers / 5% Other Fibers